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WooCommerce Hide Category & SKU on Product Page

Using WooCommerce, want to remove category from the product page? Or want to remove the SKU from the product page? We’ve got a solution
We hate custom code and hacky solutions to things that should be fundamentally fixed PROPERLY. But as always, we present the “stupid” way (using code) for these problems and the “better more enlightened” way (using a page builder that ANYONE could use).
Let’s get into how to hide the Category and SKU Meta data on the Product Page (from just below the Add to Cart Button)

Hiding the Category & SKU data on a Product Page with WooCommerce

You can use CSS as always to just disable the Category and SKU data from appearing. CSS removes this “Product Meta Data” from the Product Page.
.single-product .product_meta {
display: none;

Insert this code into the “Additional CSS” area of the Theme Customizer and you’re done. The Product Meta Data including Category and SKU will be deleted from the WooCommerce single product page.
If you’re looking for the “Additional CSS” area you’ll need to go to the WordPress Admin area, hover over “Appearance” in the left hand menu and click “Customize”.
Once you’ve done that, the WordPress theme customizer will appear and one of the items the Theme Customizer menu will be “Additional CSS” as shown below