WPMU DEV User Sync GPL v1.1.6

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WPMU DEV User Synchronization  published it here for those technical types who might want to fork and maintain it for their needs.


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WPMU DEV User sync GPL

User Synchronization links user profiles across multiple single WordPress installations.

Create and manage user accounts on one master list that can be used to connect with any subsite–without Multisite.

Smarter, Safer, User Management

Automated profile, password, user role and email address share and sync moves user management to one convenient location. Connect more people to more content by allowing users to register once on a master list  and use the same login credentials across any attached site. Protect your users with bulletproof security keys. Leave sites connected for ongoing continuity or transfer users and disconnect. Use uninstall and completely wipe your database clean from any plugin artifacts.

Leverage Control and Simplicity

It takes a matter of seconds to configure, requiring only a URL and security key. Use synchronize-overwrite for an identical master list match, or support backward user password compatibility on existing sites by allowing duplicates.

You can also ban a user from a specific sub-site by blocking deleted users from repopulating when synced with the master list. Protect identities, stay synced and save countless hours with User Synchronization. Get linked user management for transferring user accounts from a master list to all of your WordPress sites.

WPMU DEV User Sync To Use:

Once the plugin is activated you’ll see a new “User Sync” menu added. 1.  Go to User Sync in the dashboard of the site you want to make the Master site.

  • This is the parent site that is used to sync/duplicate all users to your other sites

2.  Click on Make this Site the Master Site

3.  You’ll now see your Master Site URL and security key displayed.

4.  Now log into the dashboard site(s) you want to sync users from the Master site to and go to User Sync 5.  Click on Make this a Sub site

6.  Add the URL of the Master Site, Key of Master site, select Default Settings then click Connect this site to the Master Site, and do a FULL synchronization.

  • Use overwrite existing users with caution — it does overwrite existing users and will lock out an admin user account if they’re using the same username
  • Don’t overwrite any existing users (add them as extra users) is normally the best option.  If you use this option and a user from the master site has the same username as the subsite the new user is created suffixed with _sync attached to their username.  For example. if you had the username admin already existing on both sites the username would be created as admin_sync on the subsite.

7.  All new users on the master site are replicated on the subsite(s)including passwords, their emails and their user roles and they’ll now be listed in subsite’s User list. 8.  Now whenever a new user is added to the Master site they are automatically created with the same details on the subsite(s). 9.  To remove a subsite so it no longer syncs with the Master site you just need to click Disconnect from the Master site in the subsite’s User Sync.

10. To uninstall plugin or reset all settings of plugin just need to click “Uninstall Options” in the bottom of the page.

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