External Importer Pro v2.5.0 – Import Affiliate Products Into WooCommerce

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External Importer Pro GPL – Extract product data from eCommerce sites and import them into WooCommerce. No API access is required. No work with CSV data feeds.


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External Importer Pro GPL

Extract product data from eCommerce sites and import them into WooCommerce.

Use 111111 in the key section if it prompts you to ask an activation key.
No API access required. No work with CSV data feeds.

How it works


Extract product data

External Importer extracts complete product data directly from stores’ websites. Just enter the product detail’s address or listing URL. You don’t need to access the API or bother with large CSV files.


Import products into WooCommerce

We’ve developed a fast, easy-to-use product import tool in your WooCommerce catalog. You have full control over the data you import. Prices and availability will be updated automatically.


Start to earn

The plugin will use your affiliate IDs to automatically generate affiliate links for all external products. You keep 100% of the affiliate commissions you earn. You can also set your own margin for dropshipping products.

Which websites are supported?

We’ve created several layers of web parsers to extract product data from eCommerce websites.

 Structured Data Parsers

These are generic parsers that will work with any website with a structured data markup, such as:

  • RDFa
  • Microdata
  • Open Graph
  • Twitter Card

Product data will usually contain the following data:

  • Title
  • Image
  • Price
  • Currency
  • Availability
  • Description
  • and others…

External Importer can extract and normalize product data from around 85% of public eCommerce websites.

 Advanced Parsers

These unleash the plugin’s full potential: special advanced parsers for over 90 popular affiliate programs worldwide.

In addition to basic data, most Advanced Parsers can extract additional data:

  • Gallery images
  • Old price
  • Brand
  • Category path
  • Specifications
  • User reviews with ratings

These are all additional types of content for your affiliate website that make it look complete and professional.

You can also import both individual products and entire website sections with auto pagination by listing pages.

External Importer Pro COOL FEATURES

Auto synchronization

External Importer updates current prices and product availability in your catalog. Updates are scheduled in the background. Out-of-Stock items can be removed automatically.

Auto import

New products will be automatically imported to your website as soon as they appear on the target website’s listing page. Your affiliate store will always have the most up-to-date products.

Avoid getting blocked

Read and respect robots.txt rules, daily query quotas, requests throttling, random query intervals, cookie sessions, real browser’s headers, user-agents rotation, etc.

Use any affiliate networks

Use deeplinks or dynamically change them to generate affiliate links and drive traffic through any affiliate networks.

Dropshipping store

You can import products as “simple” WooCommerce products and create your dropshipping store. Use flexible rules to set your markup.

Affiliate Egg integration

If our Affiliate Egg Pro plugin is already installed on your website, AE parsers (including custom AE parsers) can be used to extract products to the External Importer.

Global/local attributes

You decide for yourself which product specifications you want to make global attributes (taxonomy). This allows you to use special widgets and filters for your WooCommerce catalog.

External images by URL

Featured images and galleries can be displayed from external sites without saving them to a local media library. This saves a lot of space on your server’s hard drive.

Dynamic categories

Products with extracted category paths will be automatically imported to the corresponding category. This significantly simplifies bulk importing products.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many products can I import to my website?
This plugin is suitable for webmasters who want to create niche affiliate websites on WooCommerce. You can:

  • Import hundreds or thousands of products from various online stores.
  • Update prices once a day or less often (depending on the number of products).

Our experience shows that targeted affiliate stores are easier to create, manage, and promote in search engines.

In what cases is the External Importer plugin not the best option?
This plugin may not be your best option if you want to:

  • Import tens or hundreds of thousands of products.
  • Always have real-time prices on your website.

We have no hard limit on the number of products that can be listed, but WordPress and WooCommerce aren’t suitable for massive catalogs without proper optimization and expensive dedicated hosting. There are lots of other challenges with large-scale data extraction since it requires interacting with external websites.

Can I extract products from any website?
External Importer can extract structured data from almost all available public websites, but the following restrictions may apply:

  • Content must load when opening the page. Dynamic content with JavaScript or Ajax is not supported.
  • The website must not block bot access, and your server IP must not be blocked on the target site.
Will it work with my theme?
External Importer Pro works with any WooCommerce-compatible themes and plugins.Do I have to be approved to import merchant products?
You can import products without approval from affiliate programs or API access.However, to generate affiliate links and earn affiliate commissions, your website must be connected to the merchant’s affiliate program.Where can I see affiliate sales statistics?
You can find your sales and traffic reports in the affiliate dashboard of the network you use to promote merchant products.Does this plugin support import products from Amazon?
We have added advanced parsers for all Amazon locales, but we can’t guarantee that these parsers will operate stably on all servers because some shared IPs can be blocked on Amazon sites. Use it at your own risk.You can also check out our Content Egg Pro plugin that works via the official PA API.What if I haven’t found the advanced parser for my merchant?
We can also create custom advanced parsers upon request.What WooCommerce products are supported?
You can create two types of products:

  • External or Affiliate
  • Simple

Grouped, Variable, Virtual, and other product types aren’t supported.

Additional information

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. - License

. - Brands

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