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Wishlists for WooCommerce GPL – The WooCommerce Wishlists plugin by Iconic WP allows your customers to add products to an unlimited number of wishlists.


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Wishlists for WooCommerce GPL – The WooCommerce Wishlists plugin by Iconic allows your customers to add products to an unlimited number of wishlists.

Wishlists for WooCommerce GPL Overview:

Increase loyalty and sales by allowing customers to create product wishlists with this WooCommerce wishlist plugin.

Wishlists for WooCommerce GPL Features:

Increase Sales and Conversions by Adding WooCommerce Wishlists

  • Allow customers to add any product to a wishlist they create to keep them coming back for more.
  • Customers can create an unlimited number of wishlists. Keep your store top of mind for birthdays, Christmas, and special occasions.
  • Wishlists for WooCommerce allows customers to add single variations to their wishlists, so they can be specific about size, colour, and more.

Allow Customers to Share or Keep Their Wishlists Private

  • Customers can keep their wishlists private or make them public to share with others, increasing the reach of your store.
  • Once their wishlist has been created, customers can easily share their list with a link, on social media, or via email with the click of a button.
  • Customers can search for a public wishlist in your store using the optional ‘Find’ page, making shopping for friends and family a breeze.

Make Your Wishlists Easy to Manage

  • Wishlists for WooCommerce is uncluttered, streamlined, and easy to use, which means your customers get a frustration-free experience.
  • Customers can edit their WooCommerce wishlists from their own wishlists page, making wishlists feel more personal.
  • For the store owner, Wishlists for WooCommerce uses a familiar admin interface, so you don’t have to learn anything new.

Use a Clutter-Free Design to Remove Distractions

  • Every part of this WooCommerce Wishlists plugin has been meticulously designed for a distraction and frustration-free experience.
  • Customers will see their wishlist products in an easy-to-use table where all products are visible at a glance, making the ‘Add to cart’ button a priority.
  • You can change the position of the “Add to Wishlist” button or disable it and add it yourself with a shortcode, customizing the look of your store.

Wishlist search
Allow your customers to find their friend’s wishlists; search by name, email, and wishlist title.

Optimised design
Every part of the wishlist experience has been designed with the customer in mind, making their experience and journey painless; encouraging them to return and place an order.

Quick add
Many wishlist actions are displayed in a modal overlay. This makes it look great in any theme and prevents customers from leaving their current page.

Partial variation support
Customers can add variable products to their lists with only a few options selected.

Product type support
Customers can add any default product type to their lists, including product variations.

Public & Private Wishlists
Not everyone wants to share their list. Your customers can create private lists, public lists, and share them via a direct URL.

Share a Wishlist
Every list has built in sharing functionality for Twitter, Facebook, Google , and direct email.

Unlimited lists
Make it easier for your customers to make a purchase by allowing them to create lists for every occasion.

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