Toolset Layouts GPL v2.6.16 – The WordPress Layout Builder For Bootstrap Perfectionists

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Toolset Layouts GPL – Toolset Blocks is a WordPress plugin that lets you display custom content without any coding.


Last Updated - 7 March 2024 @ 11:30 PM  » Changelog


Toolset Layouts GPL

Toolset Layouts GPL Toolset Blocks is a WordPress plugin that lets you display custom content without any coding.

Toolset Layouts GPL Plugin Overview

  • Added content layouts to design specific pages in a page builder mode.
  • Added frontend editing mode for layouts.
  • Added post content cell in template layouts that renders content of the page.
  • Added feature in Toolset settings to choose different options for loading Bootstrap library.
  • Improved row modes to ensure that they are rendered properly within the container.
  • Improved integrations with supported themes.
  • Improved layouts editor providing more information about the current editing layout.
  • Improved the saving and preview mechanisms, providing feedback to the user about status change.
  • Improved the template layout selector and separated from page attributes.
  • Improved Views cell dialog, setting “Full custom display” mode as default type.
  • Improved information message about not assigned layout, providing a button to create Layout for the entire post type.
  • Improved “Design with Toolset” admin bar menu, making it visible only when there is no frontend editor button.
  • Improved assignment dialog, by moving individual pages box to the bottom and adding an information message.
  • Improved the Layouts listing page, display the most relevant sections on top
  • Improved compatibility with WPML, adding support for translatable strings in cells that contain text.
  • Improved meta key name for Layouts settings, changing from “dd_layouts_settings” to “_dd_layouts_settings”
  • Improved Layouts editor toolbar, changing the background and width.
  • Improved overall performance
  • Fixed an issue when adding custom classes to Layouts rows and cells.
  • Fixed an issue with target editor instance for Bootstrap component module.
  • Fixed an issue with extra upper space, when the row was as wide as Bootstrap container and its background extended to full width.
  • Fixed some issues regarding preview functionality.
  • Fixed an issue with nested Tabs cells.
  • Fixed an issue with colorpicker position in Visual editor cell.
  • Fixed an issue when inserting a CRED cell in a layout, when using Firefox or Safari.
  • Fixed an issue with Views cells that were not working in Firefox.
  • Fixed an issue with PHP notices in a fresh WordPress install.
  • Fixed compatibility issues with PHP 5.2.

Fixed compatibility issue with Divi theme about Toolset dialogs.

Custom Grids, Tables and Lists

Choose exactly what content to display and how to show it. Use powerful features such as pagination and AJAX to build any kind of list.

Create Custom Directory, E-Commerce, Real Estate and Membership Sites

Forms for Content Submission and Editing

Toolset’s forms and Access control, allow you to build complete listing and directory sites.

Custom Searches

Toolset lets you build the most powerful custom searches

Content on Maps

Easily create directories and listing sites that show results on Google and Azure Maps.

with a few clicks.


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