QSM Export & Import Addon GPL v1.0.12

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QSM Export & Import Addon GPL – With this addon, you can export a single quiz or survey or all of your quizzes and surveys.


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QSM Export & Import Addon GPL

You must install this PRE-ACTIVATED plugin in order to addons to work. Even this is a free plugin it is were the pre-activation takes effect. ALL addons Here

Instead of creating a similar quiz from scratch on another website, you can export the quizzes built on one website and import the data from another website.

To perform this export-import task you’ll need the QSM’s Export Import addon. This add-on allows you to export your quiz or survey data to a CSV file so you can import it into another website that already has the QSM plugin installed.

You can choose to export individual quizzes or all quizzes and surveys from one website to another. Export the quizzes in JSON or CSV format. Just Select the Export Type between JSON Export and CSV Export and then Select the Quiz/Survey from the drop-down and click the “Export Quizzes/Surveys” button. And, that’s it.

To import, just select the file to import on the other site and click import, the quiz and survey data will be imported within seconds.

Top Features

  • Simple Import Export Operation
  • Export Single or Multiple Quizzes and Surveys
  • Export in JSON or CSV Format
  • Super Helpful if you have hundreds of Quizzes and Surveys

How Export & Import Works

Easily click the export button on one site and then import the file to the new site. You can move your quizzes and surveys over in a matter of minutes! The export will include all of the options, text, email templates, questions, and more!

Just Select the Export Type between JSON Export and CSV Export and then Select the Quiz/Survey from the drop-down and click the “Export Quizzes/Surveys” button.

When you select CSV Export you can choose between Export all data or just Export Questions & Answers.

Similarly, while importing the quiz/survey on another site, make a selection from the drop-down and then choose the JSON or CSV file to import, and then click on the “Upload Quizzes/Surveys” button.

Many website owners develop and test their site locally or on a staging site and then copy over their site to their live site once they are ready. Before this addon existed, users would have to export and import using MySQL or PHP to be able to move their quiz and survey data.

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