Paid Memberships Pro Signup Shortcode GPL v0.3.2

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Paid Memberships Pro – Signup Shortcode – Embed a shortened signup form anywhere on your WordPress site to streamline membership registration, especially for free levels.


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Paid Memberships Pro – Signup Shortcode

How it Works

After installing and activating the plugin, add the shortcode to your page, post or in a widget.

Shortcode attributes allow you to show only certain signup fields, optionally generate fields like username or password, automatically log the member in, and redirect to the referrer or a specified page after submission.

[pmpro_signup submit_button="Unlock this Post Now!" level="1" login="1" redirect="referrer"]

Shortcode attributes include:

  • hidelabels – (optional) Optionally hide the field “Labels”. The “placeholder” attribute of input fields will be used when available and the label will be shown for fields when required. (default: false; accepts: true or false)
  • intro – (optional) Override the default “Register for” text above the checkout form or hide the text completely. (default: true; accepts: true, false, or your custom text)
  • custom_fields – (optional) determines whether to show any Custom Fields added via Register Helper or other Add Ons. The shortcode only supports fields added to the following locations: after_username, after_password, and after_email. (default: false; Accepts: true or false)
  • level – (required) determines which level to use for the checkout form
  • login – (optional) Set this attribute to show a “Log In” link below the submit button. (i.e. login=”1″)
  • redirect – (optional) Set the page to redirect to after form submission. (default: Membership Confirmation page. accepts: referrer, account, or your custom URL)
  • short – (optional) determines whether to show the Confirm E-mail and Confirm Password fields OR show E-mail Address field only. (default: false; Accepts: true, false, or emailonly)
  • submit_button – (optional) Change the “Submit” button text on the checkout form. (default: “Sign Up Now”; accepts: your custom text)
  • title – (optional) Show a heading (h2) with a default “Level Name” above the checkout form or your custom text. (default: false; accepts: true or your custom text)

If the level is free, the account will be created and the member will be automatically redirected to the specified redirect page. If the level is not free, the user will be taken to the membership checkout page to enter billing information.

Passing Form Variables In the URL

Site admins can build a custom link that includes form variables such as email address or username. This allows you to pre-fill user information if you are linking to your signup form via another platform, such as an email marketing tool. Here is an example signup link with the email address populated:[email protected]

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