EventOn RSVP Events Addon GPL v2.9.13

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EventOn RSVP Events GPL – RSVP addon for eventON allows you to enable your website visitors to RSVP to your events using name and email address and set number of spaces needed.


Last Updated - 16 June 2024 @ 6:54 PM  » Changelog


EventOn RSVP Events GPL

RSVP addon for eventON allows you to enable your website visitors to RSVP to your events using name and email address and set number of spaces needed. What’s even cool is at the event you can check-in attendance from the backend of your website.

Are your guests RSVP-ed to your event yet?

Allow users to RSVP to your events with various customizable options ranging from logged-in user only RSVP, maximum party size, guest list, RSVP from eventtop and many other amazing features.

EventOn RSVP Events for a whole party

Your attendees can set the size of their party however big their party is

Are you human?

We included a simple validation field to check the RSVP entries are actually coming from people who want to RSVP

Change the EventOn RSVP Events again…

Attendees can easily change their RSVP from the form as many times as they want

RSVP Count & Remaining

Show how many RSVPs you have received and remaining RSVPs to get people more interested in your event and create a buzz.

Guest List EventOn RSVP Events

You can allow everyone to see who is attending the event in a very cool name bubbles

RSVP only to loggedin Guests

You can easily block non logged in users from signing up for RSVPs and only allow registered users this privilege

Capacity for Repeating Events

You can set capacities per each repeat instance and view attendees and manage them per each repeating instance.

One-Click RSVP

Logged-in users can RSVP to events with one-click straight from the eventtop.

EventOn RSVP Events Manager

Via shortcode add the RSVP manager for logged-in users. This will show all of their RSVPs and will allow the user to update this RSVP as long as the Event has not passed.

Email Attendees

You can email attendees lists or even email attendees of updates to event and other important announcements via RSVP addon

Info for Guests

You can add additional information into event edit page that can be shown only to guests that have already RSVP-ed and this information will also be emailed to them.

Maximum Party Size

You can set a maximum limit for the number of spaces a guest can reserve on their RSVP to make sure you do not exceed party size than needed.

Minimum for Event Happening

Events need people, you can set a minimum number of people required for an event to take place.

Daily Digest

RSVP addon can send you daily digest for any event with RSVP with information like, attending out, remaining spaces etc.

Other Exciting Features EventOn RSVP Events

Support upto 5 additional customizable form fields

Create upto 5 customizable form fields with the option to add more using wp pluggable filters.

Option for guest list only visible to RSVP-ed guests

Set guest list only visible to guests who have already RSVPed

Set login requirement to rsvp per each event

You configure login required to rsvp to event per each event basis, on top of the global setting.

Support actionUser event submission form fields

Basic RSVP fields are supported via actionUser addon event submission form. To enabled RSVPs and set basic values for submitted events via actionUser.

Show only certain additional form fields per each event

Once enabled additional form fields, you can select which ones to show per each event RSVP form.

Show additional form fields based on user select RSVP status

Configure the RSVP form to show fields based on the guest’s attending status for the event.

Compatible with EventON virtual events

Show virtual event access information after a guest has RSVPed to event and also email those information to attendee.

Not attending list

You can select to show the not attending guests list and their count on eventcard as well.

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