Tasty Recipes GPL v3.12.4 – WP Recipe Plugin for Food Blogs

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Tasty Recipes GPL – With our easy-to-use, customizable recipe card plugin, we help you look good — and your recipes look even better.


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Tasty Recipes GPL

With our easy-to-use, customizable recipe card plugin, we help you look good — and your recipes look even better.

Tasty Recipes GPL Tasty Recipes GPL Give your readers everything they need

Give your readers everything they need — a seamless user experience, a beautiful recipe format, and effortless recipe scaling — with the backend power of up-to-date recipe schema to provide an in-depth view of your recipe to search engines.

Tasty Recipes GPL Adding recipes to your blog posts shouldn’t be so hard

If it takes more than a few minutes to set up and use your current recipe plugin…

If you’re afraid to make updates because you think it’ll cause more trouble than it’s worth…

You’re wasting precious time. There’s an easier way.

Tasty Recipes GPL The up-to-date structured data required to show up and stand out in search results

Set your blog apart by competitively showing up in recipe searches, drawing in new readers and converting them to happy, dedicated blog readers.

Tasty Recipes GPL An easy-to-use solution that fits seamlessly into your idea-to-published workflow

Don’t let tech weigh you down. Save time knowing your SEO and layout is taken care of, so you can get back to doing more of what you love — making food.

Recipe card layouts that look as delicious as the food itself

Not only do you need your recipes to look professional and on-brand, your readers will see the difference (and thank you for it).

The only recipe plugin you’ll ever need

Finally, you can put an end to the headache of complicated, frustrating plugins that are hard to use, difficult to customize or make you jump through hoops to talk with support. Our easy, reliable, and trusted Tasty Recipes plugin will streamline your blogging workflow so you can spend more time creating and publishing recipes your readers will love.

Tasty Recipes GPL Plugin Features

  • Moving from one recipe plugin to another can be a big pain. With Tasty Recipes, we make it easy. Convert your recipes from your current recipe plugin into beautiful, functional Tasty Recipes.
  • Converting all your recipes at the same time takes a giant leap of faith. So, we’ve added the flexibility to convert recipes one at a time or all at once
  • Recipe plugins aren’t just for looks. Behind the scenes, they make it possible for readers to find your recipes on search engines, including both Pinterest and Google.
  • Not everyone writes their recipes in the same way. We make it easy for you to format your recipes exactly how you see fit, including custom time fields for resting, cooling, or whatever you like!
  • The markup used for Tasty Recipes is downright simple, which means that any extra styling you want to do can be done with ease
  • The Tasty Recipes customizer makes adding your brand colors and favorite social platform a breeze.
  • Tasty Recipes recognizes videos anywhere in your post content, recipe card or instructional steps and automagically includes that information in your structured data.
  • Tasty Recipes works hand-in-hand with Elementor and Thrive Architect page builders.
  • Easily add your favorite combination of Print, Pinterest, Clickstream, and Mediavine Grow. me buttons to your recipe card.
  • Not everyone needs the same size recipe. Tasty Recipes intelligently scales your recipes without requiring any extra work from you.
  • Your readers are gonna love how easily they can copy your recipe ingredients straight to their favorite list app with just a click!
  • Your readers think your recipes are awesome. Showcase their ratings at the top of every recipe so new readers can cook with confidence
  • Tasty Recipes includes fields for all the macronutrients, from calories to fiber to saturated fat. If you’re a Nutrifox user, you can take advantage of our seamless integration.

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