Citadela Pro GPL v5.11.1 – Extends Citadela theme with layout customization options

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Citadela Pro GPL – plugin extends the free Citadela theme with advanced options that will allow you to customize the look & feel of your website.


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Citadela Pro GPL

Citadela Pro GPL – plugin extends the free Citadela theme with advanced options that will allow you to customize the look & feel of your website.

Citadela Pro GPL Overview:

Citadela Pro Plugin is a native extension of FREE Citadela WordPress Theme. WordPress customization plugins, as mentioned before, add more options and settings into your WordPress editor and admin panel. Using the Citadela Pro plugin, you can modify the Citadela WordPress theme and create a perfectly unique website every time.

Citadela Pro plugin also adds styling options for other Citadela plugins such as Citadela Listing and Citadela Blocks.

Feel good about your website

Simple changes, such as personalized colors and fonts, can lead to a significant difference in the appearance of your website. Make sure your site is designed to meet your preferences and that you feel good about your website when you’re finished customizing it.

What can I do with Citadela Pro?

Citadela Pro plugin strictly follows all WordPress rules and only uses standard features. Let’s have a look at Customize screen. Following the sidebar on your left-hand side, you can make various changes to your website appearance. Also, you can preview all changes in real-time before publishing them.

Citadela Pro GPL Features:

Site identity

The first thing you come across in the customizer is Site Identity. As the title suggests, this section will help you define your website. It’s essential not only from the web design point of view but from every other aspect too. Site identity tells your web visitors who you are and what you do, imprints the first impression and strengthens branding.

General layout

The general Layout section offers multiple predefined designs. You can change the way website elements are arranged with a single click and see how it fits your specific site. General Layout lets you switch between different Theme layouts (e.g., modern or classic), and you can set the rules for collapsible footer widgets. There are several unique settings for your website, too:


If you’re looking for more customization options that will allow you to create a unique website tailor-made to fit your branding colors and style, the Appearance section is what you need. These four essential parts are super easy to set up and will make a significant difference to the final look of your website.

Announcements bar

Do you want to bring visitors’ attention to your current special offer? The announcements bar is a perfect tool for this job. It’s a Call To Action panel you can use on your website to highlight important news or other announcements.

Settings for the announcements bar, such as text, button URL, display dates, and more, are available in your wp-admin under Citadela PRO.

Creating menus

Website navigation menus can be created and customized directly in WordPress Customizer. This is a standard WordPress feature. Therefore it is available to all WordPress users, and it’s included in the Citadela WordPress theme.


New Customizer makes working with Widgets very straightforward. After clicking Widgets, you’ll see all available Widget locations or Widgets Areas to choose from. Depending on your WordPress theme, some pages might have more Widget areas than others.

Homepage settings

Depending on the purpose of your website, you can choose between 2 basic homepage settings in Citadela Pro:

  • Latest Posts
  • Static page

By default, Latest Posts are perfect for blog websites. However, you can use them on any website with dynamic content, which is regularly added in blog posts, such as company news, latest events, etc.

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