Advanced Flat Rate Shipping For WooCommerce v4.7.6

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Advanced Flat Rate Shipping For woocommerce lets in only one flat dimension shipping approach with the aid of default.


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 Advanced Flat Rate Shipping For WooCommerce

Flat Rate Shipping Plugin For WooCommerce

Full-featured and Highly Flexible Shipping plugin for creating different shipping methods with different shipping rules and maximize earnings from the shipping methods on offer.
  • Advanced flexibility for configuring shipping costs
  • Create multiple flat rate shipping methods
  • Offers diverse shipping options to customers
  • Deploy shipping in a more strategic manner
  • Add specific Product, Category, User role, Country and more
  • Optimize shipping by moulding shipping rates
  • Most flexible Table Rate Shipping plugin for WooCommerce
  • Create shipping zones for easy order management
  • Create fixed shipping methods for geographical locations

Feature Advanced Flat Rate Shipping For WooCommerce

Explore the Various Features of this Plugin
Multi-Rules Based Shipping

Set the conditional rules that set conditions to allow/restrict shipping methods, payment gateways, etc. at the time of checkout.

Dynamic Shipping Fees

WooCommerce flat rate shipping formulas enable you to configure shipping fees by various dynamic variables.

Location-Based Shipping

You can fix shipping charges based on country, state, zip code, and zone.

Product-Based Shipping

Configure WooCommerce flat rate shipping options based on products including variable products.

User-Based Shipping

Apply Table Rate shipping charges based on users to target shipping policies that can benefit specific customers.

Cart Total Based Shipping

Deploy granular level shipping rules based on cart totals like a total quantity of items in a cart, or subtotals in the cart or by total weight.

Free Shipping Override

Apply free shipping on orders over a particular cart total. Free shipping for WooCommerce is applied automatically once the cart total reaches a certain threshold.

Advance Shipping Price Rules

Configure Flexible shipping rules like cost per product/category/subtotal/quantity/shipping class/weight.

Import/Export Shipping Zones

Import or export the shipping zones you have set up with this WooCommerce advanced flat rate shipping plugin

100% WPML Compatibility

A WooCommerce plugin fully compatible with WPML ensures that your shipping rules are understood across the geographical spectrum.

WooCommerce Multiple Shipping Methods

Multiple shipping methods that tie in with the scope and scale of your business to meet the growing needs of your eCommerce store.

Force All Shipping Methods

The ‘Force All’ feature ensures that the customer gets the option of all shipping methods.

WooCommerce Flat Rate Shipping Options -Apply Smallest or Highest

Apply Smallest or Highest – Apply the smallest or the largest shipping amount to customers based on different conditions.

Min / Max based shipping method

Apply quantity-based shipping based on the minimum and maximum quantity for various parameters like product cost, subtotal, weight, etc.

Tiered Flat Rate Shipping Charges

Set flexible shipping charges based on the order amount.

Force Shipping Method

Activate Table rate shipping method based on the products in the shopping cart.

Drill Down on Your Shipping Cost

Set shipping cost per product, per quantity and per weighted unit and optimize your revenue by enforcing shipping rates dependent on minute details.

Shipping Class-Based Shipping

Classify specific products and apply custom shipping rates to these products.

Time Bound Shipping Method Configuration

Set the start and end date of the shipping method and configure a shipping method/shipping fee for a particular period only.

WooCommerce shipping zone-based shipping charges

Apply detailing to your shipping rates, by setting rules and rates based on specific geographical zones.

And/Or Function in Multiple Shipping Methods

Make visible only specific shipping depending on diverse variables such as product weight, quantity, cart total and more.

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